Nature feels freer just before the morning,

by shadow of darkness, by silver moon beam.

Photo by Casey Horner at Unsplash

Life is then heightened, more precious, more vibrant,

a whirled fuzzy achene caught up in the wind.

There is so much silence, such peaceful contentment,

I envy it, miser, earthbound human kin,

and wish I…



A mirror in time my life has become, the doors to my soul open wide.

What couldn’t I be, what couldn’t I find when boundaries fell to the side?

Could someone break in?

Could someone intrude?

They could, if they managed to find a way to withstand, a way to…



I’m streaming a river of feelings and naught, a river that weaves through my thought.

From color and passion my movements are wrought, seduced by their hues and besought.

Image by Greg Racozy at Unsplash

On many souls’ wings I am carried along, a witness to both right and wrong.

I straddle the edge between life…



There are rare moments when I can feel the world’s beauty.

Not see it, but feel it with my whole being, in a way that is extraordinary, and beyond words, and whose every reverberation engenders bliss.

For a fleeting moment I get to peek through a very thick veil into…



I wade through the symbols of essence unseen, by light and by shadow departing a dream, all centered inside of the self shell of me.

The light pushes darkness away from my form — a backdrop, a contrast to all that is known.

Reminder that all that is known is…



I don’t want your kindness.

I don’t need your patience.

I’m not looking for a role model.

Don’t give me a speech.

Photo by Dave Goudreau on Unsplash

I don’t care for transcendence.

I don’t need you to mend me.

I don’t have to be good enough for your friends.

I don’t want you to make…



I live in my heartbeat, in the taste of my coffee, in the lightheaded awe of looking up at trees, in the wind on my skin, surprisingly cool on a bright summer morning, startling goose bumps.

I live in my sleep, in my watching the sunrise, in getting soaked in…